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We’re builders at heart. We built Appleton Beer Factory from the ground up. Before we opened in 2013, we spent 3 years refurbishing the interior and exterior of our building. We tore the place apart so we could rebuild it our way. We designed and built our 20 barrel, gravity-fed custom brewing systems and then built our beautiful space around it. We repurposed various materials to build our bar, tables and create the industrial style that represents our roots and pays homage to the history of the Schreiter Auto building. Collectively we put in over 25,000 hours of sweat equity, and we drank a hell of a lot of beers along the way. We didn’t take shortcuts to build this space, and we don’t take shortcuts to brew our beers.


Appleton Beer Factory is built on a labor of love. There are few things we love more than great beer. Our beers are crafted to deliver balance. This balance was struck from passionate experimentation by our knowledgeable brewers who have focused on respecting the ingredients we use and the people we serve. We balance our beers with good food, good entertainment and good community. We keep it local but make it affordable, because a hard day’s work deserves a delicious beer. This work - life balance is what keeps our hearts happy and keeps us building better beer.




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