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GROWLER — A jug or pail-like container used to carry draft beer bought by the measure at the local tavern.  

You’ll want to consume the beer within a few days of opening.  Once opened, re-cap it tightly after each pour to preserve the carbonation. Over time, the carbonation from an opened growler disappears and beer will chemically change as oxygen exposure (oxidation) alters the aroma and flavor. This is normal and the change to the beer is no different than what happens to a bottle of beer or wine, once opened.

To avoid shattered glass or an explosion, don’t allow the growler to warm (like in a hot car) or freeze. These actions increase pressure, especially if the growler is over-filled (always leave 5% headspace).

How to Clean Your Growler

  • Growlers should be cleaned, sanitized, and rinsed with hot water.  Air dry immediately after emptying.

    • Air dry upside down to dry completely

    • Leave the cap off after cleaned.  Allowing air to circulate reduces the risk of bacteria growth in stagnant air

    • If you cannot wash your growler right away, store it in a cold space until you have time to clean it to limit bacteria growth

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